Weave-A-Treehouse, Leisure Space Design

This design is a contemporary elevated treehouse, which can be made without a tree. It would be at home in a forest, a private garden, or even in a city square. It is a place to retreat to: in an urban location it can provide both public and private space. It can be one unit, or multiple storey connecting units. It uses sustainable materials: hemp rope, timber, bamboo, recycled steel. Woven walls out of ‘Growing threads’ are a unique part of the treehouse. These organic tubes are designed to have a geotextile casing containing seeds, soil, and a hydroponic watering system. It is proposed that they can be woven in many attractive patterns into the structural framework, providing shade, privacy, and a habitat for humans (+ non-humans… squirrels/ birds/ insects). The project was exhibited at the Landscape Show, Battersea Park, London.

growing threads - textile tube filled with soil
weave variations - pattern with growing threads
urban space insertion - creation an urban park
unit system

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